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Case Study: Muswell Hill

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Client’s Brief:

Achieving the blackout effect in all bedroom and allowing maximum light to enter the rooms during the day when the curtains were opened. The curtains had to complement the windows and to add extra insulation from the drafts. The client had existing tracks

and curtains from the previous owners of the house.


As an interior window dressing designer, the first thing you have to do is make sure you choose the right products for the windows and look for any obstacles that might prevent you from installing or operating a certain product. The second most important thing is to see how you can bring the curtains/blinds out of the window in order to allow maximum sunlight to enter the room. Natural light makes a big difference and people do not realise that until they see the difference - this usually happens when we take off their old curtains and leave the windows bare. Having properly installed and bespoke curtains can make the room more airy, spacious and open, it also changes the atmosphere of the space.

Our client wanted to achieve a good blackout effect – there are a few products that can be offered in this case but due to the type of window our customer had (Bay window) only curtains were going to be appropriate.

The next step was to see if we can use the track systems which were already in place or we were to quote for new track systems.

Master Bedroom:

The track was installed in the correct position but was not the right length. For the curtains to be pushed back as much as possible, a new, longer track had to be supplied. the extra length provides more track space and allows the stack to sit on the wall rather than the window.

Track Design: We have decided to keep the design of the track as simple as possible and offered a custom bend SG1280 track system with two internal bends. This shape was going to compliment the bay window and provide the desired look.

Baby’s Room:

This room required more attention - how we were going to design the shape of the track so it offers maximum blackout effect and maximum light to enter the space.

Track Design: The track design for this window was more advanced. A few options were considered and the best one was to have a ceiling mount SG1280 with one internal and two reverse bends. Since this was the baby’s room we wanted to make sure the system and design were going to achieve the best results.

Toddler’s Bedroom

The track system in this room was quite old and like the track in the bedroom had to be elongated in order to provide more space for the curtains to stack. This room had the biggest draft and we had to make sure the curtains provide a good blackout + insulation effect. This is the reason we proposed full-length curtains rather than short ones.

Track Design: When we measured this bay window we came across numerous obstacles starting form uneven walls, curved angles and small wall sections which were making it hard for a track design to be suggested during the site visit. The measurements were taken and a CAD drawing was produced where we were able to tweak and change angles and measurements in order to come up with the best design for this bay window.

For the daughter’s bedroom, we were planning to have x4 internal bends and x2 reverse bends. The two bends were too close to one another – which meant that we were unable to bend the track in this way. Instead, we projected the track a little bit further from the side facets, making it only with x2 internal bends and x2 reverse bends. This saved our client some money on the bending costs and provided the customer with the desired result.

Living Room:

The living room window was treated the same way the master bedroom was – we proposed a new track system form Silent Gliss and elongated both ends to provide more track length.

Fabric Choices:

Master Bedroom:

We have gone through a wide selection of fabrics with the client and have shortlisted a couple of fabrics from Designers Guild. The client first intention was to go for something plain but in time we were able to consider patterns and different designs that will complement the colour scheme and interior of the space.

Children’s Rooms:

The fabric had to be plain or with small patterns and was primarily in the blue tones. The client had one toddler and a baby and wanted the fabric for their bedrooms to be fun and yet to have a design which will not get outdated once the children enter their teenage years. We have gone for geometrical patterns and have selected a lovely fabric from Flock with a wide range of colours.

Living Room:

The final choices of fabric were very different from the initial colour palette and look. We have gone for bold colours and busy patterns, which will bring life to the space and allow the client to work with a wider colour range for when furniture and decorative elements are selected. The shortlisted fabrics were from Linwood’s Omega print velvet collection and framed the window nicely.

End Results:

You can see the difference in the rooms before and after treatment. The old curtains were covering most of the window resulting in darker rooms, the colours were not complimenting the space and were too dark and flat.

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