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Where to start from when designing your space?

Take yourself into consideration.

Do not rush your decisions and take into consideration your personal style and the atmosphere you would like to create in the room. You can still follow trends and look for inspiration from magazines and social media but in the end, think about yourself and the feeling you would like to create.

Here are some useful questions to start with:

1.Think about what you like doing in your spare time. Are you driven towards a calm and gentle environment or you prefer vibrancy and spaces with high energy?

2.Would you like to relax and clear your mind or prefer to charge your energy from the patterns, textures and colours in that room?

3.Do you like bold colours and large designs or more muted tones and textures?

4.If you are unsure - go through your closet. Check the style and the tones of your clothes, if you see a repeating pattern, write it down.

A little exercise you can try proposed in the book "Extraordinary Interiors" by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George:

1.Write down 5 words that describe yourself.

2.Write down 5 words that describe the way you dress.

3.Write down 5 things that make you happy.

4.Write down 5 activities that you would like to do in this room.

5.Think about 5 words that describe the way you would like to feel in this room.

“You have to understand who you are and the environment that is right for you”

Where to take ideas and inspiration from:

If you like to travel you can always soak up the culture, architecture and whatever you find inspiring from your trips. Take photos of what sparks joy and makes you feel excited. Pay attention to patterns, textures and colours - each country and place you visit has its own charm and magical look. Choose carefully what you would like to take from that travel experience and create a little inspiration board, this will be very helpful when you start brainstorming back home. You can then channel this into creating the interior space that can bring you back to your travels the second you enter the room.

If you can't travel (having in mind the current situation) find inspiration on the internet. There are so many ways to look for inspiration nowadays - you can follow people who inspire you on social media, you can read blogs and articles and browse through interior design websites -try to surround yourself with fresh new ideas. I have discovered that your visual aids environment helps you unleash your creativity and spikes your excitement and motivation to work on new projects.

Connect with new people, brands and magazines and look at their work and posts as this can help you find the missing piece to your interior. For example, my Instagram feed is full of brands, designers and artists so each time I feel stuck I tend to find inspiration through them and feel that my creativity recharges and I am ready to design!

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