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Interios Collages for Forma Interior & Valinor

Combining my two biggest passions and creating unique interior visuals.

My client Forma Interior was in contact with Valinor - a furniture manufacturer and wanted to showcase their pieces in a more interesting way. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, space and designing for a photoshoot, Forma Interiors commission me to create a more artistic presentation via collages and sketches.

I had to incorporate the furniture pieces into an interior space - design the rooms, and pick the rest of the furniture in order to create the concept for the clients.

Process and Techniques - Digital and hand-made:

I have used Photoshop in order to crop the furniture and create the layout of the spaces. After this, I have printed the image out on a thick paper and have hand-sketched the rest of the finishes and furniture.

Final Results:

Living Room

Home Office


Living Room

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