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Collaboration with Furniture Box and Seeker Digital

Reimagining Friends - The theme was Monica's Iconic Apartment In Different Interior Styles

I got contacted by Laura from Seeker Digital to help with the realisation of a campaign they were running with Furniture Box. They had the brilliant idea to reimagine Monica's living room and showcase it using different interior design styles. I was immediately ready to help because first of all, I am a HUUUUGE Friends fan and second of all, it combines both my passions - interior design and illustration. This was one of the best projects I have ever worked on and I did it with such pleasure. The article came out in Furniture Box's Blog in December so if anybody is interested to have a read you can check it out here. Process:

All the images were made digitally and combined both collage and illustration.

First, I used my interior design skills to pull the design direction together and find the right furniture pieces for each style.

This is what I did for each and every style. I made a little board with all the furniture items I needed and materials I was planning to use. It helped me a lot because I was able to visualise the whole interior better and see if there is a missing piece or if an item was not right for the design.

After this, I had to make sure that every item is in the right perspective angle or very similar to the one I was looking for (because we all know fixing the perspective is a nightmare). Cropping each and every image, making sure the scale is correct as well, we don't want things to look at right?

Positioning the furniture in the right places was the next step of the process. I used the perspective grid I made and aligned everything accordingly. Of course, most of the items had to be fixed - this is where the final part of the whole process comes, the illustration!

A few sneak peeks of the bare photoshop collages for the Contemporary, Industrial and Victorian styles.

Final steps, fixing the perspectives of most of the furniture, drawing the missing pieces and adding finishing touches. This part was the best as I had the ability to make the most of the collages and had the freedom of freehand drawing to do whatever is needed.

Final Results:

Friends in a Contemporary interior

Friends in an Art Deco interior

Friends in a Farmhouse/Cottage interior

Friends in an Industrial interior

Friends in a Minimalist interior

Friends in a Scandinavian interior

Friends in a Victorian interior

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