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Master Bedroom

Project Type


Bedrooms Inspiration 3.jpg
Option 1:

The first option uses more neutral colours and keeps the accents of the bedroom on the curtains and the dusty rose pink feature headboard. 

Brass strips are added to both walls to give a character to the interior space and break the tones of the wallcoverings.

LED lights are used to highlight the shelves and brass details on the TV unit. 

A recessed tack SG 6243 with 80mm wave gliders has been embedded in the ceiling so the curtains can appear as they are floating.

Bedroom 3 Photoshop - Non
Technical Drawings:
Bedroom 3 + Floor Plan Technical.jpg
Option 2:

The second option uses stronger colours and a variety of material finishes. The colour in the bedroom is brought in by the suede wallcovering by Arte, which give a softer look and feel. The furniture in the interior space uses darker charcoal finish in order to create a contrast with the light tones of the walls. The dusty navy colour of the top units compliments the 3D textile wallcovering on both feature walls.

The decorative elements are chosen in brass, which makes the bedroom more luxurious and brings warmth.

Bedroom 1 Photoshop fin-non interactive.
Technical Drawings:
Bedroom 1 + Floor Plan Technical.jpg
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