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Kitchen and Living Area

Project Type
32 m2

Inspired by the pastel and earthly colours of terrazzo.

Mood Board Terazo Kitchen 1.jpg
About the Project:

The pastel tones of the terrazzo are complemented by the navy blue kitchen cabinets and the brass details used on the furniture.

The earthly feel transforms into the natural round forms throughout the space, bringing the living areas together.

3D View 3-Recovered-Recovered.jpg

The black colour of the partition wall gently divides the space by creating a contrasts with the pastel tones, while keeping the open plan concept of the interior.

The round kitchen island follows the natural curves of the round column and divides the kitchen from the dining area while providing extra storage and working area. 

3D View 2-2  Rendered.jpg
3D View 5-Rendered.jpg

The round form of the wall brings the three living spaces together and leads the eye towards the living room. It creates a softer look and brings warmth while making the dining room appear more enclosed.

The sound details on the whole wall are a continuation of the kitchen island detail which connects the two spaces.

Different paint colours have been used to decorate the living room space and again bring the whole design together using round and natural forms.

3D View 6 - 2 - Rendered.jpg
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