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Project for a client

Design brief and ideas:

Having the pleasure to work with a real client, who contacted me on Instagram, after he was impressed by my sketching skills and work.


He kindly asked me to help him with the design of the juice-bar and to produce some sketches for his feasibility project. I was glad to use the knowledge and the skills gained from 3 years of studying hard at Arts University Bournemouth.

Simplistic, using calm, pastel, Earthy colours → white, green, orange (Headspace colour), brownish tones; 
The juice-bar should exhibit the fruits and what is made; 
The main area to be loungey-living-room-style: couches, comfy chairs, lots of plants;
Egg-chairs as ‘’meditation pods’’ which could be a bit separated from the main area." "The concept is basically a juice bar, where people can meditate using the services from headspace (a meditation and mindfulness company)" (Mood board and colour scheme pictures were taken from Pinterest)

Mood board I


mood board 2.jpg

Spacial diagrams I

Hand Drawing

ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4008_001_edited.
ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4009_001_edited.
ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4007_001_edited.

3D Sketches of the spaces

ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4016_001.jpg
ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4018_001.jpg
ACAPS02_Canon Library 2_4017_001.jpg
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