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Project Type
8.86 m2
Client's Brief:

The client wanted the bathroom to be light and cheerful. She wanted to incorporate earth materials/finishes like wood in the design. Because both spaces were quite small the client wanted the space to look as big and airy as possible without compromising on products. The bathroom aimed to house both the shower and the bathtub.

Inspiration board.jpg

We have decided to go for a wood pattern on the flooring only. Due to the size of the rooms, the decision of mostly light coloured tiles/paint was made. We have incorporated colours using a few feature wall elements – in the shower, behind the bathtub and above the sink. This keeps the space looking neat and tidy while giving it character and playfulness.

The client has requested the washing machine and the dryer to be housed in the dry room so a bespoke basin unit has been designed taking into consideration this.

Due to the old piping system’s location, we had to compromise and work around it while designing the dru space's unit and the layouts of both spaces.

We have used textures and patterns to the minimum and have cleverly chosen the rest of the materials and finishes so that they complement the feature walls and the flooring.

We have chosen a very colourful and lively tile design and have mostly worked with the colour palette of the tiles.

Final Floor Plan
Banq Whole.jpg
Banq Whole Render.jpg
Dry Space
Suho Pomeshtenie Technical Floorplans an
Suho pomeshtenie FULL Render.jpg
Banq Technical.jpg
Banq Render.jpg

Choosing paint and material for the bespoke unit in the dry room - by matching the colours, finishes and textures.

3D Renders
Dry Room.jpg
3D render bathroom.jpg

Demolition of the existing bathroom + exterior wall.

Building the new bathroom.

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