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Client's brief


The brief which the company gave us was communication. We were to educate people and find a way to communicate SGC’s ideas so, in the end, people can understand how important SGC’s findings are and eventually fund them. We had to choose from the following topics: 
• Education 
• Funding 
• Patient groups 

What am I concentrating on?



Introduce SGC and their work to a greater audience.

What are my intentions?

To design an exhibition about SGC 
To popularise SGC
To make people interested in biology, chemistry, and SGC
To show visitors the fun side of biology with the help of SGC and interactivity.

  • Designed for everybody

  • Scientists

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • Children 

  • Families

  • Students

  • Concentrates on learning styles

  • Hands on approach

  • Interactive games and stands

  • Interesting facts

  • Variety of information and its presentation


What is the nature and purpose of the project:

Working with SGC for my Feasibility Studies I have decided to continue developing my project as a
Final Major Project.
I have chosen to design an exhibition experience with interactive elements with the main focus SGC.
The exhibition will allow its visitors to learn more about SGC’s work and why their findings are
so important. The direct link between SGC, biology, and chemistry, allows the exhibition to be more educative and to incorporated more biology and chemistry.





What will visitors learn from the exhibition:

Visitors will be able to learn about SGC; a process SGC works with; a disease SGC is working on and
how cures for diseases are found and medicine is made for them. All of the above will be visually
explained through illustrations, images, and videos. Some of the exhibition spaces will also include
interactive elements.
The information received from the exhibition will be tested at the end of the exhibition experience
via interactive quiz games. The game will help people see what new information they have learned
and will consolidate the gained knowledge.o be aducative in 


SGC consists of a number of teams all responsible for different aspects of SGC’s work. Some of them work only with diseases affecting the nervous system, others study the protein shapes and etc. But they all collaborate with one another in order to make a discovery. This aspect of SGC is very important and it shows that everything is easier when people work together. This is why, I have decided to design the exhibition out of a number of exhibition spaces, showing the visitors various aspects of SGC, and a quiz in the end. The exhibition spaces symbolise the different teams SGC is divided into and the quiz game – that without all the teams and their collaboration, success is impossible.

Project scale:

  • Small-scale project.

  • The exhibition will not be very big.

  • The exhibition will be indoors, therefore a building with the right size has to be found (around350 square meters)

  • It will preferably be accommodated in a one or two store building.

  • The timescale of the construction will be maximum a year (including any changes of the building construction or exterior and interior)

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