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elevation new office 1.png
New Office I 

Revit and Photoshop visuals

The Office 

Personal project in which I am reusing a building from a project I did in second year. 

“The Office” is a modern office which provides the employees with an open plan working space, modern launch area and different spaces for formal and informal meetings. 

The design is with vibrant colours and has residential elements to make the office look and feel like home. Green walls, pot plants and wooden elements are used to bring the nature within the working environment.

floor plan office.png
Launch area
Head's office
Open plan office
Meeting rooms
Floor plan I 

Revit and Photoshop visuals

meeting room 1.jpg

There are two enclosed office spaces in the beginning, where the employer and the next of importance will be situated. 

They are divided by glazed walls from the main corridor and provide the employer and the employees with a view towards the open office space/enclosed offices. 

There is a small formal meeting room for team meetings is next to them.

Meeting room/enclosed offices I 

Revit and Photoshop visuals

chilling area without a man.jpg
seating area exported.png
floor plan office.png

The launch area provides the employees with comfortable space where they can hang out. 

There is a small part divided by a shelving system, where they can sit in a hut, or use the table for informal meetings.

The area has a sound insulation system hanging from the ceiling, which absorbs the noice.

office open plan.jpg
floor plan office.png
Launch area and hut I 

Revit and Photoshop visuals

This view shows the open office space, it is divided from the corridor and the launch area with wooden dividers, making it easier for the employees to concentrate on their work. The desks are separated with a board, where individuals can pin important notes and personalise their working space.

Open plan office I 

Revit and Photoshop visuals

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