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floor plan 2.jpg

Interior design for a micro-living apartment located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Initially, the apartment was with 1 room, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a balcony.


The big room of the apartment was divided by a partition wall with an embedded sliding door.


After the division, two living spaces were created: a bedroom and a living room.


The additional wall and the sliding door give the inhabitant privacy when closed, or make an open plan space when opened.

1. Hall

2. Bathroom

3. Living room

4. Bedroom

5. Kitchen

6. Balcony

Residential project I 

First floor plan proposal

Hand Drawing

floor plan micro living_edited.jpg

The second-floor plan layout depicts the same apartment, but with a different configuration of the living spaces.


The bedroom's space is converted into an open plan kitchen and a bathroom.


The kitchen and the living room are separated by an island and a media unit.

1. Hall

2. Bedroom

3. Living room

4. Kitchen

5. Bathroom

6. Balcony

Residential project I 

Second floor plan proposal

Hand Drawing

Bedroom I 

3D Hand Drawing

The bed is imbedded in the wall cabinet. This makes the room more spacious when the bed is not used, because it can be folded away. The side board of the bed is covered in thick soft foam, which makes it perfect, if somebody wants to use the bed as a sofa and rest their back.

ACAPS02_Canon Library 5_0800_001 (1)_edi

Proposed floor plan 

Residential project I 

We were given an empty apartment to redesign. The place was very small and we had to make the most of every mm. The brief of the project was to make it compact and spacious as well as functional.

This is my idea of a functional compact living space. I have embedded storage within the walls and have created an open plan kitchen, living room/dining room.


The open plan kitchen/ lining room/ dining room is divided by parts of the furniture like the kitchen bar and the TV unit. 


These interior objects define the areas within the space and allow light and air to float in the room, without obstruction of a wall.


I have also designed a mini office space which is a part of the bedroom space. It is separated from the bedroom with a sliding door, which again gives the feeling of a big an spacious room when the door is opened, or gives a more intimate and personal touch to both rooms when closed.


Hand Drawing

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