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Full House


Dagenham - London
Project Type
Client's Brief:

The client needed help with the furnishing and decorating of his newly bought house in Degenham. The house consists of a living room, a dining room, and bedrooms.

Living Room
Floor Plan and Elevations
Elevations & Floor Plan Living Room-page

The living room was primarily using grey tones and was lacking character and colour. The client had already a sofa and lighting fixtures in place which he was planning to keep. He was after the blue tones and a slight industrial yet modern look. He wanted to add a picture wall where he can exhibit photos from his travels.


I have chosen furniture with industrial elements and kept the sleek, modern look the client was looking for using furnishings with a clean design without many details. The industrial feel from the floor lamp was carried throughout the space by the black metal details of the storage units, cafe table and decorative elements.

The blue tones were incorporate into the design, and a complimenting colour was introduced using a mustardy-gold rug and decorative cushions. The yellow tones brighten up the room and make it more inviting and spacious by creating a contrast with the dark wooden floor and plain grey walls.

Living Room Render.jpg

The client has asked for an armchair to be added to the design. 

A burned orange armchair was introduced, which was carefully chosen to not clash with the design of the space. The new colour further complements the dark furniture and the blues and yellows around the room. The black legs do not clash with the legs of the sofa in colour or form and work well with the light walnut base of the stool the client has chosen.

New colour options for the rug and cushions were added.

Living Room Render option 2.jpg
Living Room Render option 2 blue.jpg
Dining Room
Floor Plan and Elevations
Elevations & Floor Plan Dining Room-page

The Dining room has a similar layout like the living room but with an additional double door opening. The client wanted the dining room to be a continuation of the living room and to incorporate the same feel. He already had chosen a table with marble top and black metal legs.


I have continued with the black theme of the furniture to keep the flow through both spaces and to create a contras with the walls. The clear and sleek storage using do not make the interior busy and vertically elongate the room with their design. More storage space was created by using every corner and niche as well as the vertical space. I have used green tones to compliment the wooden floor and to create a coherent yet different look from the living room.

Dining Room Renede 2.jpg
Dining Room Render.jpg
Choosing Chairs
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