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Bar exploro rendered splash.jpg

Revit and Photoshop visuals

Residential project I 

Project description

This was a project I did in my Second Year in university. It is a bar located on the last floor of the building Homelife House in Bournemouth, which I transformed into a student accommodation for overseas students.


I wanted to make the students from the accommodation feel at home and to create a place where they can enjoy themselves and meet new people. Due to them being from other countries around the world, I have decided to design a space, where they can feel at home. 


The bar has Traveling and Exploring the world as a key theme. 

The concept of the bar is the world as a place for exploration and adventure.


The interior is a clash between an old-fashioned explorers room and a natural history museum, with plenty of witty touches all around it such as the globe ceiling lamps and the old suitcases used as tables.


Mood board I


Interior I

Hand Drawing

bar chjairs.jpg
bar couch.jpg


Wall Graphic I

actuall wall.jpg

I have designed a wall graphic element to go with the theme of the bar. It is a combination of some of the world's most famous buildings and monuments. They are all connected with a single line to show that we as different nations are all a part of the big world World, and that makes us united.


Sections I

Revit and Photoshop visuals

bar rendered 2.jpg

Rendered section of the side elevation of bar ExploroThe visual shows how the bar will look during the day.

The bar is full of light due to the glazing all around the last floor. People can enjoy the view while having a drink with friends or while having a coffee and studying.

dark 2.psd darken.jpg

Rendered section of the side elevation of bar Exploro. The visual shows how the bar will look during the night.


During this time of the day, the bar's light will be dimmed, allowing the city light to stand out. It will have a chill and intimate atmosphere, allowing visitors to have a break from the long day while enjoying a drink with friends. 


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